July 23rd to August 22nd
Element: Fire (Fixed)
Ruling Planet: Sun
Day: Sunday
Colors: Gold, Yellow, and Orange

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Leo is the Fifth House of the Western Zodiac.

Leos are larger than life. They are charismatic, self-confident, and natural-born leaders. Leos are excellent problem-solvers. They will often take the lead in social situations, and can attract others to their ‘pride’. Sometimes, this makes Leo tone-deaf to the people around them, which can also make Leo prime targets for a take down. But Leos love life, and their healthy sense of humor makes them “oh so” enjoyable.

In relationships, expect a Leo to dominate. Even quiet Leos are strong personalities who know what they want. They will speak their mind and show their passion. Dating a Leo can be a tall order, but the rewards are worth it. You just need to give them the spotlight, sometimes quite often.

When looking for an “opposites attract” relationship, a Leo may settle down with a reserved Aquarius who will let a Leo have all they space they need. When seeking a “like-minded” relationship, a Leo can watch a Gemini dance and flit all day because their shared passion excites them both.