September 23rd to October 22nd
Element: Air (Cardinal)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Colors: Pink and Green

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Libra is the Seventh House of the Western Zodiac.

If there’s one person who can see a problem from both sides, it’s a Libra. Libras hate imbalance. They seek fairness, and will listen to all input before offering advice. Libras are not into drama. They don’t like to be forced to choose one camp over another. They thrive on intellectual stimulation, but may judge themselves too harshly. They are natural diplomats, but they can be drowned out by ‘larger than life’ types. Still, when a Libra makes a decision, they can feel confident because they have thought the matter through.

In relationships, Libras seek partners who mirror themselves or help them evaluate matters in a thorough, rational way. Libras love intellectual encounters, but don’t ask a Libra to render quick verdicts on anything. Let them have space and time to make up their minds. Embrace their harmony and balance, and encourage them to work through problems. Libras may build walls against situations that force them to take a stand that they don’t want to take, but that’s when a Libra needs a steadfast partner.

When seeking an “opposites attract” relationship, a Libra might look to a head-strong Aries for clarity and drive. When looking for a “like-minded” relationship, a Libra might enjoy the way a Sagittarius frankly spells things out.