About Erin Hunt Rado and Ravensdaughter Designs

Erin Hunt Rado - Anne Ravensdaughter Celtic Artist

Hello Happy Viewer!

First, thanks so much for visiting my online store. Yep, it's all mine. The Celtic Designs are my own hand-drawn originals and the Pirate Designs are my own digital collages. I curate Medieval, Renaissance, and Macabre art, and I have great fun coming up with new and interesting things.

Regarding my Mindfulness Art, I discovered that I could affect human cognition by creating Celtic tracing mandalas. I called them "Mandalynths" (combining the words mandala and labyrinth), and I have been helping people manage their behavioral wellness for a decade and a half. 

Finally, I have always loved writing Fantasy Adventure. I have always scribbled action stories. I attended my first renaissance faire when I was 16 and I started playing D&D in 1981 - and I never looked at the mundane world the same way again.

This website is how I maintain my household. I've done all the programming, and I've created all the print-on-demand products. When you make a purchase, you are directly supporting me, and I truly thank you for that.

So now I invite you to enjoy my collections of Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, Pirate, Judaic, Zodiac and Modern art on pillows, blankets, drink ware, wall art, and more.

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me! I may be able to create something just for you.

Blessings, Erin Hunt Rado - Ravensdaughter