April 20th to May 20th
Element: Earth (Fixed)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Day: Monday
Colors: Green and Pink

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Taurus is the Second House of the Western Zodiac.

Taurus are sensitive, grounded folks who love life’s pleasures. Think Ferdinand the Bull smelling the flowers. That’s a Taurus. They are well-focused and conservative. They can stay at the same task for hours, days, months, years… you get the idea. They don’t like sudden change and they will definitely stand their ground. Sometimes they can be downright stubborn, and good luck moving them when they are. However, Taurus are deep-feeling souls who are loyal and loving in many different ways.

In relationships, a Taurus will look for someone who excites them on a sensory level. A Taurus can be very artistic and even erotic, so relax into their strong embrace and see where things go.

When a Taurus seeks an “opposites attract” relationship, it might be with a moody Cancer, whom a Taurus can surround with love and emotional stability. When a Taurus seeks a “like-minded” relationship, it might just be with a passionate, truth-seeking Scorpio.