August 23rd to September 22nd
Element: Earth (Mutable)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Colors: Grey, Beige, and Pale-Yellow

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Virgo is the Sixth House of the Western Zodiac.

Virgos are meticulous and detail-oriented. They make a list. They check it twice, and while their intense focus seems like it may go too far, nothing gets past them.

Virgos tend to be modest, and they keep their emotions to themselves. They want to be sure of any situation, and keep themselves in reserve until all their criteria have been met. They won’t commit to a course of action until they are satisfied that it is absolutely the best one. They won’t commit themselves personally until they know someone else is the ‘real deal’.

In relationships, Virgos prefer stability. However, they may need a good deal of love an attention to make certain that their partner is exactly what they looking for. They may over-scrutinize and lock themselves away for a long time, but when Virgos give their love, they truly mean it.

When a Virgo seeks an “opposites attract” relationship, they might indulge the mood swings of an emotional, yet heart-felt Cancer. When a Virgo seeks a “like-minded” relationship, they might feel most secure with the undying support of a Pisces.