Jan 20th to Feb 18th
Element: Air (Fixed)
Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn
Day: Saturday
Colors: Light Blue and Silver

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Aquarius is the Eleventh House of the Western Zodiac.

Aquarians tend to be rational, analytical thinkers who are independent, but also have a love of helping others. Aquarians thrive in an intellectual setting, and are good listeners. Aquarians are strong problem solvers, but many find the need to take a moment for themselves. This can make Aquarians appear aloof, but it’s more about personal rejuvenation than rejecting the world around them. Indeed, Aquarians enjoy philosophical interactions, social engagements, and forums where they can offer advice.

In relationships, Aquarians love stimulating exchanges, but they also need personal space and don’t mind allowing their partners that same space. Always have a few good discussion topics when dating an Aquarian. Anything that sparks a conversation with a free-flow of ideas should work nicely.

When Aquarians seek an “opposites attract” relationship, it might be with a big-hearted Leo. When Aquarians seek a “like-minded” relationship, it might just be with a straight-shooting Sagittarius.