Two fate-locked men - Traevis Airlight, Swordson of the Rhue and Rowland Mont-Lestarre, the self-destructive heir - must take on the mantle of the land's magic, though both are tormented by loss, the appetites of a demonic blade, and an ancestral foe who refuses to remain dead.

"A complete, working world with strong living characters and plenty of action... and a twisted plot hatched by Hitchcock on Phil Dick’s drugs. Prepare to be as happily surprised as I was. This is NOT your usual Fantasy novel."
-Pat LoBrutto, former editor Bantam Books

Gray Warrior, a new Fantasy-Action novel. Get your copy now on Amazon.

"My book does not disappoint, and I greatly appreciate your patronage." - Erin Hunt Rado, Ravensdaughter

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