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Walk-Thru Labyrinth Vinyl Floor Mats

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Walking a Labyrinth is an amazing experience. It is a whole-body exercise that is  meditative and transformative. A person can "find peace along the journey", and settle into a truly mindful state.

When working with groups, especially groups of children, it is helpful to use labyrinths that flow "in and out". That way, there's no bumping or pushing.

Walk-Thru Labyrinths by Ravensdaughter adapt the single-path of a standard labyrinth with an "in and out" flow to create beautiful, interactive designs that are perfect for adults and children.

Each Walk-Thru Labyrinth measures 16 feet square. They are printed in full-color on sturdy 13oz advertising vinyl. Simply unroll them in a cement courtyard or gym, and then walk in your stocking feet. Clean with water or light cleaning solution, and roll them back up for storage.

For a truly immersive experience, set all 4 designs out in a 32 foot square and walk from one labyrinth to another. Each Walk-Thru Labyrinth has a different "feel" in the design, and each has different inspirational words in each corners that you can read as you pass by.

Purchase individually, or as a Set of 4. Walk-Thru Labyrinths are finished with a hem and grommets on each side, so they can be attached together.

Walk-Thru Labyrinths are PRINTED TO ORDER IN THE UNITED STATES and are shipped directly to you from the printer.