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Tales of the Ravensdaughter - Paperback

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Tales of The Ravensduaghter is a new Fantasy Novella series by author Erin Hunt Rado. Each book is a 1-2 hour short read packed with all the characters, worlds and action that you expect from Epic Fantasy.

Tales of the Ravensdaughter chronicles the 6 Adventures of Alerice Linden, a tavern mistress turned champion of the Raven Queen.The series contains a hint of Basque mythology, a wonderfully witty gender-fluid character, and a death as powerful as the Death of Spock.

In Tales of the Ravensdaughter Collection One you will find:

The Beast of Basque
The Thief of Souls
The Wizard and The Wyld
Rips in the Ether
Mistress of Her Own Game
The Raven’s Daughter