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Tales of the Ravensdaughter Collection One eBook

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6 Fantasy Novellas - 1 Epic Adventure

When the heroine, Alerice Linden, dies at the beginning of her story don't worry... She gets better.

Tales of the Ravensdaughter Collection One is the bound series of novellas by Fantasy Action author, Erin Hunt Rado.

After being stabbed, Alerice wakes in the Evherealme, only to learn that she is a Realme Walker, a mortal who can traverse the world below and the world above.

After pledging herself to the Raven Queen, Alerice embarks on a series of adventures. Assisting her is Oddwyn, the Realme's wonderfully witty gender-fluid herald, and Kreston Dühalde, a former brigade captain with a tragic past.

In her journey of discovery Alerice:

  1. Exposes a two-faced beast in the town of Basque
  2. Stops a thief from stealing souls
  3. Forces a wizard and Wyld mercenaries to come to terms
  4. Prevents rips in the ether from destabilizing the Realme
  5. Challenges the King of Shadows to play the game her way
  6. Realizes her true potential as the Raven Queen's official Daughter

"Radiant, laudable characters and a gripping storyline fuel this magical collection of novellas." - Kirkus Reviews