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Mandalynth Laminated Card Pre-K Pack: Focus Tools for Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD & Autism

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Celtic Mandalynths are unique art designs that calm the mind. Unlike puzzles and games which challenge the mind, Celtic Mandalynths are woven designs that help you focus and meditate.

Trace a Celtic Mandalynth with a stylus. Begin anywhere and stop at any time. Cross over intersections as you trace – just as you would cross over or under a bridge when traveling on a road. Simply follow the woven pathway.

Celtic Mandalynth tracing has shown results with stress relief, anxiety relief, panic attack management, PTSD management, ADHD management and Autism decompression. Celtic Mandalynths are excellent tools for classroom management. They can help special needs students focus and teach children how to regulate their behavior. Schools that have mindfulness programs can use Celtic Mandalynths to help students create ‘space’.

Celtic Mandalynth Laminated Card Packs include 6 full-size cards (9" x 11.5"). The cards are FLAT, which increases the hand-to-eye coordination because you must closely watch what you are tracing.

The designs in this Laminated Card Pack include the Simple Celtic Knot in Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, and Turquoise. The Simple Celtic Knot design is easy to use by young children. Celtic Mandalynths are original creations by Ravensdaughter, the mindfulness artist who found a new way to use Celtic art for personal wellness.