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Finger Labyrinth Travel Cards - Mindful Tracing Art for Stress, Anxiety and Attention Management

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Few things calm the mind like a labyrinth. Unlike puzzle mazes which challenge the mind, labyrinths are single-path designs that help people focus and meditate.

Enter into the labyrinth from the opening on the edge and trace until you reach the center. Then pause and take a deep breath, and trace back out to the edge again.

Tracing a labyrinth is a mindfulness exercise that can help manage a stressful moment. Labyrinths are also excellent classroom management tools.


Finger Labyrinth Travel Cards are perfect to take in a purse, bag or backpack. The cards are FLAT. Each measures 5” x 7” and comes with descriptive text and inspirational verse. Each pack comes in a clear cellophane bag, and has an instruction card and a glitter stick for tracing the more complex designs.

Available in 10-Count and 21-Count Packs