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Chakra Vyuha Finger Labyrinth Digital Download

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Few things calm the mind like a Labyrinth.

Unlike puzzles and games which challenge the mind, Labyrinths are single-path designs that help children and adults focus and meditate. Labyrinth tracing has shown results with stress, anxiety and attention management. Labyrinths are wonderful for personal use, therapeutic use, or for social-emotional classroom management.

This packet contains different versions of the Chakra-Vyuha Labyrinth, which is also known as the Hindu Labyrinth. This pattern is a simple design that is suitable for young children. It can also be used by teens and adults who need to calm down and decompress.

Print out these colorful Labyrinth pages and trace them with your fingertip. Because the designs are two-dimensional, you must focus on them in order to use them. When the mind focuses, thoughts relax. When children focus, they become more attentive. Mouths close and ears open when tracing a Labyrinth.

This packet contains 12 full-color Finger Labyrinth images in 2 different sizes, and 1 black & white Finger Labyrinth image in two different sizes. This unique presentation was created by Celtic artist, Ravensdaughter, who has been studying mindfulness art for the past decade. Her collections are vivid, engaging and easily utilized. Enjoy!