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Celtic Wolf Mandalynth - Mindful Tracing Art

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The Celtic Wolf is a MEDIUM Mandalynth design that has a free-form feel when traced. It is popular with children because of the animal shape. It has also shown results helping to manage ADHD and high-functioning autism.

  • 7.75" in diameter and comes with a stylus.
  • Durable FLAT plastic for home and classroom use.
  • Mandalynths are mindfulness tools you trace with a stylus. Tracing isolates hand-to-eye coordination and creates focus.
  • Use a capped pen, a chopstick or anything that points. Begin tracing anywhere. End at any time. Cross over the intersections. Then switch hands. It's easier than you think.
  • Mandalynth tracing has shown results with stress relief, anxiety relief, panic attack management, PTSD management, ADHD management and Autism decompression.
  • Mandalynths are excellent classroom tools that help special needs students remain calm and attentive.
  • Mandalynths are excellent Montessori tools that help students focus on guidance by creating a receptive, absorbing state of mind.