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Celtic Trinity Knot Mandalynth - Purple - Mindful Tracing Art

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The Celtic Trinity Knot is an OPEN Mandalynth design that has lulling feel when traced. The pattern is created from several knots that weave about the design. The central Celtic Trinity Knot can be slowly traced with a rhythmic count of, “And One, And Two, And Three” to create a light self-hypnosis. The Celtic Trinity Knot Mandalynth is good for stress relief, anxiety relief, panic attack management, and trauma management.

  • 7.75" in diameter and comes with a stylus.
  • Durable FLAT plastic for home and classroom use.
  • Mandalynths are mindfulness tools you trace with a stylus. Tracing isolates hand-to-eye coordination and creates focus.
  • Use a capped pen, a chopstick or anything that points. Begin tracing anywhere. End at any time. Cross over the intersections. Then switch hands. It's easier than you think.
  • Mandalynth tracing has shown results with stress and anxiety relief.
  • Mandalynths are excellent classroom tools that help students become calm and attentive.
  • Mandalynths are excellent Montessori tools that help students focus on guidance by creating a receptive, absorbing state of mind.