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Celtic Star of David Mandalynth - Mindful Tracing Art

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The Celtic Star of David is a MEDIUM Mandalynth design that has a combination of flow and complexity when traced. The single-line Celtic knot moves in, about, and throughout a Star, creating a shift between the tighter geometric lines in the Star’s arms, to the flowing lines surrounding the Star, to the curling lines woven about the central symbol for life (chai). The Star of David Art Therapy design is crafted with a sense of spiritualism as well as a sense of flow. It can be used for personal meditation as well as for centering the mind.

  • 7.75" in diameter and comes with a stylus.
  • Durable FLAT plastic for home and classroom use.
  • Mandalynths are mindfulness tools you trace with a stylus. Tracing isolates hand-to-eye coordination and creates focus.
  • Use a capped pen, a chopstick or anything that points. Begin tracing anywhere. End at any time. Cross over the intersections. Then switch hands. It's easier than you think.
  • Mandalynth tracing has shown results with stress and anxiety relief.
  • Mandalynths are excellent classroom tools that help students become calm and attentive.
  • Mandalynths are excellent Montessori tools that help students focus on guidance by creating a receptive, absorbing state of mind.