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Celtic Mandalynth Workbook

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Celtic Mandalynths are endless, woven designs that you trace with a stylus. Use a capped pen, a coffee stir, a chopstick, or anything that points.

Begin anywhere along the design and trace until you wish to stop. Cross over the intersections just as you would cross over or under a bridge when driving.

Tracing helps create focus where thoughts can relax. It's a bit like doodling. Mindfulness can help manage stressful moments or help an over-stimulated mind settle down.

The Celtic Mandalynth Workbook features 21 Mandalynth designs. OPEN Mandalynths are calming to trace. MEDIUM Mandalynths are slightly engaging to trace. TIGHT Mandalynths are difficult to trace.

Choose a favorite design and enjoy a moment of mental "space".