The Celtic Art Store Offers 3 Ways To Earn

Affiliate Marketing
Wholesale Accounts
Flash Sales


Affiliate Marketing is great for individuals and organizations who wish to earn commissions. It's very simple.
Select items you wish to sell (there's lots!)
Insert those items into emails or social media posts
The Affiliate Marketing software will embed a tracking code in the items you choose, so when a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission on the sale!
Commissions start at 10% and funds are paid monthly once commissions reach $25 or more. If the total commissions earned in one month are under $25, the amount will carry over until the next month, and continue doing so until the $25 threshold is met.
To remain active in the Affiliate Marketing program, your account must have active sales for a 90-day period.
Dormant accounts will be deleted.
We are happy to support our Affiliate Marketers with custom items and tracking codes, so feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.


Flash Sales are a GREAT WAY to raise funds for a charity or organization!
The Celtic Art Store will devote a 1-2 hour block of time to your group - and your group will earn a 15% sales commission for EVERY SALE made during that time.

You can advertise an upcoming sale in emails and on social media. The Celtic Art Store will run an advertising banner on our homepage the week leading up to the sale. And you can interact with buyers on social media as they shop.

When the sale is over, you can relax knowing that you have raised funds by selling Mindfulness Art and Digital Designs (no chocolate bars involved!)
Please CONTACT US if you would like to create a FLASH SALE for your group or organization!


The Celtic Art Store offers wholesale prices on our PRINTED PRODUCTS, along with a few other products. We regret that we cannot offer wholesale pricing on all our products because they are Print-On-Demand and priced for direct retail sales.
HOWEVER, retailers can create an Affiliate Marketing account and receive a 10% discount on ALL our products, then resale those products with an additional mark-up.

To register for a Wholesale Account, you must be a reseller (brick & mortar, online, festival vendor) or registered charity. Once we establish your Wholesale Account, we will give you access to our Wholesale Products Page.

Please use the form below to register for a Wholesale Account.