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Double Labyrinth Pillow Sham - Seed-Lambertus

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Few things calm the mind like a labyrinth.

Unlike puzzle mazes which challenge the mind, labyrinths are single-path designs that help people focus and meditate.

Enter into the labyrinth from the opening on the edge and trace until you reach the center. Then pause and take a deep breath, and trace back out to the edge again.

To increase the mindful experience, switch hands from time to time. It's amazingly easy, and creates a deeper level of focus.

These double-sided PILLOW SHAMS are soft plush and engaging.

Just add a 24" x 24" pillow insert, and you have the perfect mindfulness tool.

Use them in your personal space or as home decor. Use them in an office or break room. Use them in a Peace Corner or Therapy Space.

Trace - Enjoy - Flip - Repeat

This PILLOW SHAM features the Seed Labyrinth and the St. Lambertus Church Labyrinth. The designs compliment one another for a thoroughly mindful experience.

Switch back and forth between the designs. Snuggle into the pillow. Take deeps breaths and be calm.

NOTE: 24" x 24" Pillow insert NOT INCLUDED.
Standard delivery time is 2 weeks.