Bayeux Tapestry Wallpaper Poster

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Step Back To The Middle Ages with this COMPLETE BAYEUX TAPESTRY Wallpaper Poster

Woven in the 11th Century and displayed annually in the Bayeux Cathedral in France, this amazing work of medieval craftsmanship depicts the Battle Of Hastings when the Norman Duke, William the Conqueror, defeated the Anglo-Saxon King, Harold Godwinson. The original tapestry measures 230 feet long and 20 inches tall. Legend holds that the tapestry was commissioned by William's half-brother, Bishop Odo, and crafted by William's wife, Queen Matilda, and her ladies-in-waiting.

This WALLPAPER POSTER is printed on high-quality, self-adhesive paper. It is printed with water-based ink, which made fade in direct sunlight.  Do NOT expose to the sun, NOT waterproof.

This Wallpaper Poster is too large to print in one single piece, so it will be split into severals panels which must be assembled when hanging.

4 Sizes Available

  • 157" x 110" (400cm x 280cm)

  • 136'' x 91'' (345cm x 230cm)

  • 110" x 79" (280cm x 200cm)

  • 98" x 69" (250cm x 175cm)

This product takes 4-7 business days to manufacture, and will ship immediately after production.

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