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Advanced Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar: Twelve Popular Scottish & Irish Folk Songs

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12 Celtic Classic Songs Arranged for Modern Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Master arranger and acoustic guitar wizard Daryl Kellie has created a timeless resource for all acoustic guitarists.  Advanced Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar contains 12 beautiful arrangements of classic Celtic folk tunes that incorporate the ground-breaking techniques of modern fingerstyle guitar. These Irish and Scottish folk tunes have been passed down through the generations and still endure today as culturally relevant music. Daryl learnt them from his grandfather, and has created beautiful arrangements of each one that will heighten your guitar skills, increase your repertoire, and help you discover a whole new side to your musicality on guitar. Celtic Pieces for Acoustic Guitar These tunes use a rich variety of open tunings that stay true to their Celtic roots. But, as well as learning 12 impressive performance pieces, you’ll also master the special techniques used by today’s elite fingerstyle guitar players. You’ll discover: Tommy Emmanuel-style harp harmonics Combining natural and tapped harmonics Hammer-ons and pull-offs from nowhere Celtic Rasgueado technique DADGAD tuning Drop D tuning CGDGAD tuning DGDGAD tuning And much more…  12 Classic Celtic Songs for Solo Acoustic Guitar: These beautifully harmonised arrangements for solo guitar are designed to improve your ability as an advancing fingerstyle guitarist while adding new sounds and techniques to your palette. The twelve Celtic classics included are Planxty Irwin Skye Boat Song Cockles and Mussels Drowsy Maggie All For Me Grog Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? Reilly’s Daughter Carrickfergus Down by the Sally Gardens Harvest Home I’ll Tell Me Ma The Rose of Tralee Hear Them and See Them: Each arrangement is written in standard notation and guitar TAB, but there is more… Bonus 1: FREE studio quality audio to download. This includes not just the full arrangement of each tune, but example breakdowns that show how to perform the advanced acoustic guitar techniques, such as tapping and harmonics Bonus 2:  FREE performance videos of selected tunes so you can study how Daryl performs each guitar technique Advanced Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar is a book you’ll keep coming back to for years to come. Not just because the songs are timeless, but it’s the prefect reference manual for a whole host of advanced fingerstyle guitar techniques. Buy it now.