November 22nd to December 21st
Element: Fire (Mutable)
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Day: Thursday
Color: Blue

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Sagittarius is the Ninth House of the Western Zodiac.

A Sagittarius has a soul as vast as their ruling planet, Jupiter. They want to see and experience things. They wander in search of new worlds, and thrive in any philosophical environment where there is scope for the imagination.

But a Sagittarius is also a straight-shooter. They speak their minds, no matter what the topic. This makes them seem blunt and tactless, but what they truly are is honest folks who pull no punches. If you ask a Sagittarius what they think of anything, they will tell you - so brace yourself.

In relationships, a Sagittarius has a natural curiosity to get to know their partners, so they will explore quite a bit. They may push boundaries and provide challenge. They may not want to stay in one place, and they don’t often sync with any particular routine.

When a Sagittarius seeks an “opposites attract” relationship, it might be with a hard-hitting Aries, with whom a Sagittarius will butt heads. When a Sagittarius seeks a “like-minded” relationship, a somewhat-grounded Gemini who loves new places and new experiences will be very engaging.