Finger Labyrinth Laminated Card 6-Pack 3: Focus Tools for Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD & Autism

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Few things calm the mind like a labyrinth. Unlike puzzles and games which challenge the mind, labyrinths are single-path designs that help you focus and meditate.

Enter into the labyrinth from the opening on the edge and trace until you reach the center. Then pause and take a deep breath, and trace back out to the edge again.

Labyrinth tracing has shown results with stress relief, anxiety relief, panic attack management, PTSD management, ADHD management and Autism decompression. Labyrinths are excellent tools for classroom management. They can help special needs students focus and teach children how to regulate their behavior. Schools that have mindfulness programs can use labyrinths to help students create ‘space’.

Finger Labyrinth Laminated Card Packs include 6 full-size Labyrinth Cards (9" x 11.5"). The cards are FLAT, which increases the hand-to-eye coordination because you must closely watch what you are tracing.

The designs in this Pack include; the Commelyn Garden Maze Labyrinth, the Simple St. Raparata Labyrinth, the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, the Amiens Cathedral Labyrinth, the Reims Cathedral Labyrinth, and the Boeckler Garden Maze Labyrinth. Each is a digital art design by Ravensdaughter, the mindfulness artist who created the Celtic Mandalynth.