May 21st to June 20th
Element: Air (Mutable)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Colors: Light-Green and Yellow

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Gemini is the Third House of the Western Zodiac.

Geminis are the ‘ping-pongers’ of the zodiac. They are naturally expressive, quick-witted and curious, but - just like that – they can become restless and antsy. You never know which personality trait will show up at any time.

Geminis often pursue one thing, and then another, and then another.

They are often on the go. They are intellectual and expressive, and always seek out new stimuli. “Run and find out” is a good motto, but sometimes this leads to dead ends which can make Geminis feel insecure and indecisive. However, once they find their feet, they’ll be off again.

In relationships, don’t expect to tie a Gemini down right away. Geminis are great flirts, but you’ve got to keep them interested. Don’t date a Gemini unless you can keep up. However, if a Gemini finds you to be a great match, they can help you conquer the world.

When seeking an “opposites attract” relationship, a Gemini might enjoy a straight-shooting Sagittarius, who will likely be the right person to help them nail down their thoughts. When seeking a “like-minded” relationship, a Gemini will thrive with the intellectualism of an Aquarius.